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How My Student Miso Took Built a $600-A-Day 'Cash Cow' Email List Without Even Having A Product
See proof below on how he ranked at the top of some of the most competitive JV boards...

This is my student Miso Mlakic.

He's a software developer from Croatia, where he lives with his beautiful wife.  

Miso and I are here today because we want to help you to shortcut many of the challenges we had when we started out, particularly when building email lists, which has been our main source of wealth since 2011.

Miso started his journey into online marketing just 23 short months ago and probably like you, his journey to success has not been as straight forward as many "gurus" like to paint...

You’ve heard this many times before. “The money is in the list”. But isn’t it strange how nobody tells you exactly how to build it? 

One day, out of many trials and countless errors, we discovered how to outperform most “gurus”...and here are some of his impressive results ('Anterage Solution' is his company name):

Everyone makes it sound so simple. Build a list, by giving something away for free. Maintain a great relationship with them. Share your personality. Always offer value. Tell “stories” when you can. And pre-sell your offers with helpful, insightful authoritative content. OH? OK then…

But how exactly does one do that? Actually, DO “that”?

  • What subject line should I use?
  • How often should I mail?
  • How many links should I include in the message and where?
  • What actually is 'provide value'?
  • How do I handle lots of different peoples' preferences?
  • How do I write stories and "email sequences” if I am not a pro copywriter?

And the list goes on and on and on…

There’s a 101 sound bites of advice out there. Some paid. Some free. Some of it bad. Much of it conflicting. And there almost seem to be no hard and fast rules, as it always “depends” on many 'factors'...  

Sound familiar?

No, this is unlike anything you've seen before:
  • We're not going to teach you how to 'suck eggs'.
  • We're not promising to rub our magic lamp & have you writing copy in 14 days or less.
  • We're not even going to give you a black box that will make you millionaire in 5 mins.

We want to help you overcome some of the biggest hurdles we had when we started out.

No theory. No fluff. No BS.  

Just the handful of steps you need to follow, that nobody ever tells you, in a plain and simple checklist.  

We’re going to share with you our personal case study and then we're going to break it down in to the most concise and actionable checklist you will probably ever invest in.

We could say something crass here now like, how "one golden nugget could be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you down the line..." YES we actually read that line on a sales page this week. We choked!

In reality, we have no idea what you are capable of.  

But we are sure that IF you can follow our checklist, you will be much better equipped to do email marketing, than Miso was, even 1 year ago.  

It is a cliché, but we really do wish someone had told us this when we started! 

But would we have been ready to listen and take action? Well that’s another story of course. You may not be ready either. Are you ready to be successful?


Even though it is only a few bucks, let us take all of the risk from your investment, onto our shoulders. If after 30 days you haven’t at least learnt one useful thing about email marketing from our offer here today, we will give you a 100% full refund, no questions asked.

I know some people will abuse us on this, but then they won’t get what’s coming at the end of week 4. It’s taken us a lot to organise, so we're really excited about that. So people who are not committed to taking responsibility for their own success, will never get that. Karma at work…

  • We don’t need your money! We don’t want you to buy this checklist if it is the last few dollars you have. Or if you are desperate and relying on it to change your life.
  • We don’t want you to even consider this if you are looking for "push button magic powers", or loopholes, tricks and shortcuts. We have never found any real shortcuts to success. What we have found is concentrating on the things that matter, and ignoring everything else, is what makes the biggest difference.

That’s why we're not going to try and teach you copywriting. It can take years to master.

We're not going to try and teach you the secrets of NLP and persuasion.  

We are going to give you our step by step formula and templates so you don't have to learn any of that. 

And we're certainly not going to pretend that a collection of sound bites is going to turn you in to a master marketer in 7 days. Just add eye of frog and tail of newt and light it with a bulb.  

Seriously, let’s get real here!

INTRODUCING: The 10X Email Exploder List Building Formula
Here's what you get...
  • You get our 10X blueprint on how he built a $600-per-email email list in just a few short months.
  • You get our 'secret' list building checklist. It’s actually a “decision tree” infographic, and it's incredibly easy to follow. It will help you build a large list of loyal, raving subscribers. It’s taken 70 man hours to refine (and a lot of ear bending from Miso’s beautiful wife).
  • You get the insider's view to how we manage our in-house email lists across 4 different markets. Value? Priceless. Can we be any more transparent than that? We practice what we preach, we get REAL results and we show you how we do it. This is not theory or borrowed 'advice'. This is the real world, our world, in action, right in front of your eyes.
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But This Isn't All...

Inside the membership area, along with the blueprint that Miso used to build a $600-per-email mailing list are some additional bonus gifts, as our thank you for taking fast action.

There is a 37-page PDF training course, with video versions in case you are more of a visual/audio learner, and here are some of the extra material we cover inside...

  • List segmentation so you're always sending the right message to the right person at the right time

Multiple choice questions are the foundation of traditional surveying. The multiple choice question allows the respondent to choose one or multiple options from a list of possible answers.

  • Video funnel segmentation, this is for you if you do any type of video marketing (if not, you should!)

What if you cold practically "force" your subscribers to see all of your videos and hence increase your conversions? 

This is exactly what this module reveals...

  • How to turn cold leads who just joined your list into hungry buyers

This is the No. 1 Secret behind how all pro marketers build huge email lists...

  • The simple formula that allows you to email your list as often as you wish without annoying them

This has been personally endorsed by Todd Brown...do we need to say more?

  • Segmentation based on action so you can promote many different products to the same subscriber

This is some of the most advanced marketing techniques that some of the most successful marketers use to take their subscriber value through the roof...

  • Product launch segmentation

If you’re looking to promote a product launch anytime soon, this module is a MUST.

  • How to profit from people who say "no"

Want to know how some of the top marketing experts build their email funnels? We have dissected one of Frank Kern's strategies just for you...

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Even though it is only a few bucks, let we take all of the risk from your investment, onto our shoulders. If after 30 days you haven’t at least learnt one useful thing about email marketing from my offer here today, we will give you a 100% full refund, no questions asked.

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If after 30 days you haven’t at least learnt one useful thing we will give you a full refund.

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